Which metal should I choose?

I recommend matching the metal of your engagement ring and wedding ring. All metals have different densities so a harder metal like platinum would wear away the likes of gold which is slightly softer. However the same carat of white gold and yellow gold would be fine together.

You can identify the carat of an existing ring by looking at the hallmarks on the inside of the ring. The hallmark for 9ct gold is 375 and for 18ct gold it’s 750. This is the same for all colours of gold.

18ct gold is more expensive than 9ct because there is twice as much gold within the alloy giving it a richer colour. 

White gold has a higher quantity of palladium and silver in the alloy which gives it a warm grey colour. When you buy a white gold ring on the high street it will almost always be rhodium plated. This covers up the white gold itself and gives the metal a whiter finish more like platinum. Rhodium plating needs to be replenished every few years at a cost of about £20. Personally I like the warm grey colour of white gold and don't plate my rings. However if you would like your ring plated to match your engagement ring I am happy to do so free of charge.

Rose gold has a higher level of copper in the alloy which gives it a warm rosy colour.

Platinum is the hardest of the metals I use and has a cool grey colour.

Palladium is relatively new to the jewellery world with it only being added to the legal hallmarking act in 2009. A less dense member of the platinum family, palladium has a similar silvery white appearance.

metal colour chart.jpg

Metal Colour Chart

My jewellery is available in 9 carat (ct) yellow, white and rose gold, 18ct yellow, white and rose gold, platinum and palladium.

I don’t know my ring size

If you don’t know your ring size let me know and I can send you a set of finger sizers. For more information on sizing your finger see my Ring Size Guide

I like something but would like it changed slightly

If you like the look of a ring I have online but would like a different stone for example please do get in touch, I’m more than happy to work with you on adapting designs

Will the finish last forever?

I offer my jewellery in either a matt (brushed) finish or polished (shiny) finish. Like on any piece of jewellery this finish will not last forever. A polished finish will pick up tiny scratches through daily wear, dulling it down slightly while a matt finish will shine up slightly as it rubs against fabrics etc. This happens slowly over time and is most evident in rings as they are in contact with surfaces more. There is no avoiding this but it is nice in a way that the jewellery piece takes on its own personality and starts to show the story of your life. 


Will it be hallmarked?

Yes. All of my jewellery is hallmarked at the Scottish Assay Office in Edinburgh. They test the metal of each piece and stamp it with the corresponding hallmark. This sits alongside my own hallmark and the hallmark of the Edinburgh Assay Office. The delicate nature of my jewellery means that many pieces are laser marked to avoid distortion.

Can I have my jewellery engraved?

Yes. I offer a free hand engraving service inside my wedding rings. Common engravings include the date of your wedding and/or your initials. You could even have the infinity sign engraved or a small quote. You can write your chosen engraving in the text box before you check out, each ring has a different maximum number of characters depending on the space available. Not all of the rings are suitable for engraving as some are too thin or have a texture on the inside which doesn’t leave enough space. If you would like another item engraved get in touch and I can advise if it is feasible.

Can I choose my vintage box?

A lot of my design inspiration comes from antique jewellery so this seemed like the perfect combination of old and new. Plus it gives me an excuse to indulge in my collecting obsession! Each one is unique and has its own charm. Whether its in the beautiful printed typeface on the inside or the worn exterior every box has a mysterious story to tell. When you order I will send you a photo of the boxes I have in stock so you can choose the one which intrigues you most. 


vintage ring boxes

Every order comes packaged in a vintage jewellery box. Once your order is ready I will send you an email with pictures of the boxes I have in stock for you to choose from.

I just received our wedding bands - BEAUTIFUL! Thank you. Those ring boxes are just lush.
— Lisa, Aberdeen


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